Parco Archeologico di Selinunte

Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa

The Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa was established by the Sicilian Region 1.9.2010, as peripheral of the Regional Service of Culture and Sicilian Identity. It is one of the largest and most important archaeological parks in the world, with her 270 hectares in Selinunte, plus 60 of Cusa. Inside you are imposing temple structures: on the eastern hill the temple G (or Zeus), one of the largest temples made by the Greeks, and temples E (or Hera), among the purest expressions of Doric, and F; Acropolis (where you can see still the road system type Hippodamian) i templi A, O, B, C (o di Apollo), D, AND. A nord, It lies the village, with the Agora, recently brought to light, and the grave dell'ecista. To the west lie the Byzantine baptistery, the small sanctuary of Hera matronly, that big of Demeter Malophoros, with the temple of Zeus Meilichios, the fountain of Gaggera el'Antiquarium, the so-called "temple" M and the necropolis. The archaeological site of the Cave of Cusa is 13 Km from Selinunte, S.P. Tre Fontane, in the territory of Campobello di Mazara (City). These are limestone quarries, extended for about 2 km, where they were extracted column drums for construction of Templar Selinunte.

Marinella of Selinunte

91022 Castelvetrano TP

Tel 092446277


Hours entry: Everyday
Winter (validity wintertime):

from 9.00 all 17.00. Ticket closure:hours 16.00


from 9.00 all 19.00. Ticket closure: hours 18.00

Ticket price visit Selinunte:

Full € 6,00, Reduced € 3,00,

Ticket price visit Cave di Cusa:

Single entire € 2,00, reduced € 1,00

The entrance to Selinunte includes the visit to the Cave di Cusa. For timetables updates listed above you should consult the website of the Department of cultural heritage and i. s.. or page

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