Palazzo Planeta


Palazzo Planeta

Civic Collection Of Art Rita Gallè - Giorgio Upiglio
Exhibition of sculptures, watercolors, ceramics and porcelain, donated to the city of Memphis by the artist Rita Gallè (1932 – 2009), multifaceted artist, world famous for its unique artistic creations alongside original prints, lithographs, etchings, Bowline, woodblock prints and artist's books, donated by the master printer George Upiglio (1931- 2013). The large donation includes works by artists such Upiglio: Korompay, Giacometti, Crazy, Fontana, Sesma, Buzzati, Gunter Grass, Minguzzi, River, Guttuso, Paladini, Chin, Vulcanescu, Lam, etc., on display in an exhibition that highlights the joyful atmosphere and the human touch, established by maestro Giorgio Upiglio with the most famous artists in the world.

Home Planet, Via Santi Bivona No. 13- 92013 Menfi (AG)

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Opening time:

Monday / Saturday 09.00/13.00 – 16.00/18.00

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