Palazzo Daidone – Container of Arts

Palace from the XIX century characterized by the neoclassical façade, the wrought iron balcony and the coat of arms on the ashlar in key of the main opening. It falls within the old town of Life, It constitutes a significant expression of the urban local landed bourgeoisie and has three floors above ground. The main facade on the ground floor consists of three openings, the first is characterized by a long balcony wrought iron of excellent workmanship; The last level is instead defined by three openings with balconies in chest. The main entrance is surrounded by flat moldings produced using the classic chalky stone of local extraction and has a small emblem that stands out on the keystone.
Inside the building you can admire the collection of horses donated to the municipal administration by Doctor Francesco Buffa on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the City of Life, enhanced by hand-crafted furniture made available by the restorer Fabio Robino; the exhibition of paintings by artists vitesi (Teresa Mannone and Pasquale Gruppuso); The photo exhibition of the history of our common, tribute to previous generations, which illustrates the way cultural history of the country of Life. Today on the pulse of the city administration building transformed into a cabinet of arts, open exhibition spaces, theater workshops,graphics and photography and creative activities in general.

City of Life – Piazza San Francesco – 91010 – Life (City)

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