Museo Malacologico

Malacologico Museum

The exposure consists of a collection of malacologia, that collects almost 5.000 shells, donated to the town of Memphis by the scholar Vanna Rotolo Lombardo, from the sea of ​​Porto Palo and all the seas of the world.

The rich collection of shells, from all provinces malacological world and cataloged according to official malacologia, about 1.700 specimens, choices among the most representative, They are on display in three rooms, one dedicated to a world-renowned malacologists, which are one of the most spectacular exhibitions of Italian Malacological.

Via Calogero Ognibene 1 - 92013 Menfi

Tel 0925 70500 -0925 70501


Opening time:

Monday through Friday

from 8:30 at 13:30
Monday and Thursday from 16:00 all 18:00



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