museo civico selinuntino

Museum Selinuntino

The museum houses many archaeological finds of great historical and artistic value, found in the area of ​​Selinunte, among them the Efebo, a rare bronze cast, High 85 cm, depicting a naked young man recently identified Dionysus (480 – 460 a. C.). Other pieces of considerable value are: la “Lex sacra”, a lead sheet with engraved, two sections overturned, a law of the fifth century. a.C. which regulated the rites of atonement for those who had committed a patricide; an Attic vase with small columns (470 a.C.) and a Byzantine scales (V sec. d. C.). Inside the museum there are also numerous coins and Greek pottery, of various type and origin. Integrates the museum visit, in the neighboring former Augustinian church, the permanent exhibition "Selinunte imagined", which contains reproductions of as travelers and archaeologists (between the eighteenth and twentieth century.) They represented, is in an ideal way, either in the form increasingly scientific, the ancient Greek colony. The collection contains 3 Beaks recovered by the Superintendent of the sea in the depths of the islands Egadi from the end of the first Punic War 241 a.C. between the Romans and the Carthaginians. There are also 20 amphorae from the seabed of the Egadi dating II III IV century AD.

Via Garibaldi 58- 91022 Castelvetrano (City)

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