Museo Civico Palazzo Pignatelli

An interesting archaeological exhibition entitled the "Village of the building - historical landscapes of Memphis" offers to public use the results of archaeological investigations of the past twenty years worked in the territory of Memphis by the Superintendent BB.CC.AA.. Agrigento. This exhibition offers the opportunity to visit the archaeological sites in the bass of the same building becoming "museum within the museum" or an "archaeological museum" where the history of the container becomes a paradigm of the history of the city. In the building it displays a collection malacological that collects almost 5.000 shells, donated to the town of Memphis by the scholar Vanna Rotolo Lombardo, from the sea of ​​Porto Palo and all the seas of the world. The rich collection of shells, cataloged according to official malacologia, They are on display around 1.700 specimens, chosen among the most representative, which are one of the most spectacular exhibitions malacological existing in Italy.

Palace Pignatelli, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III – 92013 Menfi (AG)

T 0925 70217 – 70246

Opening time: Monday / Saturday 09.00/13.00 –

Thursday 16.00/18.00