Museo civico della Preistoria del Basso Belice

CASTELLO GRIFEO – Regional Museum of Prehistory Belice – Interpretation center and territorial development

Regional Museum of Prehistory Belice

Centro di interpretazione e valorizzazione territoriale

Castle Grifeo, building whose first building probably dates back to the fourteenth century, although its existence is documented at 1453, It comes with the solemn look of ancient fortress embattled. Today Castle Grifeo, It is home to the Regional Museum of Prehistory Belice. The archaeological remains exposed, They are coming in large part, dall’area di Contrada Stretto a seguito delle campagne di scavo, conducted by Sebastiano Tusa since the 80s, and some necropolis of the territory belicino, con tombe a grotticella e a camera, dated middle and late Bronze Age. Particularly interesting to see the various types of prehistoric pottery, vessels style Naro-Partanna and Glass Campaniforme, the large vase found in Capo d'Acqua, flints, decorated pottery, cups, attingiti and remains of fauna dating from the late Pleistocene, such as elephants, hippos and deer.

Special attention deserves the "Skull drilled", Bronze Age old, rivenuto deposit in a funeral cave of the district Strait, and currently on temporary loan from the Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo. It is a skull with a large foramen magnum practiced while the person was alive. The subject survived this "operation" very frequently within the civilization of Glass Campaniforme. A primordial practice magic-surgical probably practiced to treat mental illness. .

In the guided tour, even the "Hall of Arms" or "Throne Room" with a rectangular real time and a fresco of the eighteenth century. which depicts King Roger II defeating near Mazara Arabic Mokarta during the liberation of Sicily by the Arabs to the Normans. Inside it is set up a small but valuable art gallery consists of works from some churches destroyed by the earthquake of 1968 that hit the whole valley of Belice. Among the works stands out for its beauty, the altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary of the Dominican Saints, dated 1585 signed by the Flemish painter Simon de Wobreck.

Castle Grifeo, Piazza Graffeo – 91028 Partanna (City)

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Sicily Region Department of Culture and Sicilian Identity Department of Culture and Sicilian Identity.
Soprintendenza per i Beni Culturali ed Ambientali di Trapani

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from 1 October 30 April _ 9:30/14:30 – 15:30/18:30
from 1 May 30 _ September 9:30/12:30 – 16:30/19:30

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