Archaeological Museum Palazzo Panitteri

The Archaeological Museum Palace Panitteri, It is located in the charming eighteenth-century palace that takes its name from the noble family sambucese which the building belonged to before being purchased by the city in 1983. A wide staircase leads to the first floor Catalan style, in which rooms are preserved and exhibited material evidence from excavations conducted by the Superintendency of Agrigento the archaeological site of Monte Adranone. who, a 1000 m. sea ​​level, It was brought to light an ancient fortress city dating from the mid-sixth century. a.C., destroyed during the First Punic War in the third century. a.C. The museum suggests a visit to the finds from living environments and worship, everyday items like kitchen crockery and fragments of amphorae, loom weights and terracotta figurines depicting female deities related to the cult of the earth. The halls of the right wing of the museum complex are now used for the funeral of the necropolis, that returned samples of ceramic Attic red-figure import of fine workmanship.

Via Panitteri, Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)

T. 0925 940231 / 940217

Opening time: Tuesday through Sunday 9:00 – 13:00
Afternoon opening for booking



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