mostra custodi di bellezza fiore

Photo exhibition: Custodians of beauty

The Nature Reserve "Grotta di Santa Ninfa" exposes Castle Rampinzeri the photo exhibition "GUARDIAN OF BEAUTY" dedicated to the species of the Mediterranean flora, often little considered because widespread and common, which play a rather important and irreplaceable role for the conservation of natural environments, for the protection of biodiversity and to ensure the beauty of the landscape siciliano.La exhibition was organized by volunteers of the property confiscated from the mafia "The Canneto of Manicalunga" (Castelvetrano) entrusted to coop. Girasole, and it was promoted by CESVOP, Imago Association and Cooperative Sunflower part of the "Routes to biodiversity and legality. Guardians of beauty ".The exhibition" GUARDIAN OF BEAUTY "will be open from 1 April 30 May the following times:

mostra custodi di bellezza