The oil most envied in Italy

The olive tree is an ancient plant Nocellara of these lands It has always represents and marks traditions, la storia e l’economia. Secular olive Nocellari shaded it breaks the workers involved in the extractionCave di stuff of the stone for the construction of the city of Selinunte. Grosse millstones mill found in the archaeological zone of Selinunte, testimoniano la lavorazione delle olive già 500 anni prima di Cristo. Selinunte these mills it was widely used, and Oil Nocellara It was already the subject of trade with the entire Hellenic world, just to confirm the position of Selinunte which oil emporium of antiquity. Right here at Selinunte, the cultivation of olives, with the selection of “Nocellara del Belice cultivar”, found environmental conditions and crops so unique to do excel and oil and olives Castelvetrano, ever since, in absolute terms on the tables of connoisseurs from around the world.

The extra virgin olive Nocellara del Belice, It can be eaten raw or cooked. Great to use for raw soups, vegetable soup, in salads; in baking instead it is delicious for the preparation of sauces, roasts of meat and fish but also for frying, as its smoke point is higher than in all other oils. Olives instead very large and rich in pulp are suitable for cafeteria and snacks, They can be prepared in several ways, in brine, mashed and seasoned with olive oil and chopped garlic or simply pickled; a variant is particularly popular black olive, the so-called “passuluni”, or the drupe is harvested when very ripe assuming a blackish color, after it is put in oil and salted and crushed with weights or presses, It is delicious to taste at the table and in salads. The quality of the olive nocellara undoubtedly make this oil one of the best ever, main element in a balanced diet but careful to taste such as that Mediterranean, recognized worldwide as the best possible. Numerous studies have demonstrated the extraordinary qualities of’olive oil, able to: Lower Cholesterol, the risk of occlusion of the arteries, blood pressure, the rate of blood sugar, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, etc… extra virgin nocellara has in fact highly digestible fats.