The identity of the place, the thrill of the journey

A museum: preserve, It protects and enhances the objects linked to tradition and historical memory, cultural or social identity of a people. Single museum often can not quite get the desired results in terms of promoting both in number of appearances, almost always scarce.

In Belice, since 2009, It plans to create a system capable of providing the territory offer rich and diverse museum. About this, They were organized several meetings, promoted by Legambiente Sicily, who favored the establishment of a working group involved in the enhancement of the Belice Valley museums, through the signing of an agreement interpartenariale. Tool, the latter, che ha permesso alla giovane rete dei musei belicini di presentarsi all’esterno in modo univoco e così gestire ulteriormente un processo di costituzione di un nuovo soggetto giuridico: the association Museum Network and the Natural Belicina.

The Museum Network and the Natural Belicina It was formed in March 2012 and, the current state, It includes all the museums of the municipalities of Valle del Belice: Camporeale, Castelvetrano, Contessa Entellina, Gibellina, Giuliana, Menfi, Partanna, Poggioreale, Roccamena, Salaparuta, Salemi, Sambuca di Sicilia, Santa Margherita Belice, Santa Ninfa, Life and, together with these, the Forestry Authority of Trapani, Foundation Orestiadi Gibellina, the CRESM Gibellina, nature reserves of Santa Ninfa Cave and Cave Entella and archaeological parks of Segesta and Selinunte and Cave of Cusa.

Con modalità analoghe alle diverse iniziative portate avanti anni fa in quest’area da Danilo Dolci, Lorenzo and Barbera Ludovico Corrao, today local officials with their civic museums, directors of reserves and museums and private voluntary organizations have decided to team, directing all efforts towards a concrete reconstruction plan, development and territorial requalification.

The Network supports any town of the Belice, that museums are an expression, so that it can structure a system on a regional scale. In the Valle del Belice, il museo può essere inteso non come contenitore di una collezione da mostrare, but an open space, as it framed in a territory - rich in natural resources, archaeological, artistic and architectural - unit and of particular interest.

The Network is born, indeed, from the awareness of the need for a new journey together, given the current fragility of museums, that, in addition to having to operate with meager funds, serving the lack of a precise cultural project and development. It was therefore aware that the identity of each place Belice, that museums are an expression, It has a chance to flourish only in an integrated system on a regional scale and to tell, then, a story, that is not only that the individual places, but that of the Belice Valley as a whole. This leads us to reflect on the concept of belonging and community that runs through the history of the ancient arts, of its territory and landscape, its geological changes, the great masters of contemporary, already documented in some museums strongly structured and records and other newly formed.

Worry, today, the need to raise awareness and promote this new museum that affects the provinces of Agrigento, Palermo and Trapani, with the understanding that only through a network of museums you can overcome the limitations, for a significant enhancement of the whole geographical area.

Network facilities to compete with different stories (Some museums are already adequately organized, other still in the process of organization because of recent formation) and it remains constantly open to new realities museum to be put in.

The creation of the Network, the commitment of the government, institutions and associations, the need to meet and discuss issues related to the museums of the city, the joint effort to overcome operational difficulties, They are already the prelude to a great result. And commitment, from those who firmly believes in this great collective project, It has never failed: think, about that, at the recent meeting with the Regional Minister for Cultural Heritage, Mariarita Sgarlata, held in Palermo last June, which involved all those directly responsible for the Network.

The tourist offer includes Network, then, over the canons museum tours, also a number of new routes able to excite not only the visitors but also those who have always lived in these places without having done, but, experience the way of their beauty and their historical and cultural wealth. This happens, for some years, with the usual culture week "Journey in Memory of Belice", visit museums that tell the story of the earthquake and reconstruction, and the ruins of destroyed cities in 1968 and places of sisma.A this is added the chance to meet the protagonists of the events of the reconstruction: Mayors, former mayors, coordinators of local action groups (including Lorenzo Barbera, the CRESM, Giuseppe Bellafiore, Town mayor of Santa Ninfa, etc.) and, why not, anche gli abitanti che furono testimoni del sisma del ’68 e delle battaglie per i diritti civili che ad esso fecero seguito.

Museum education, il merchandising che apre i musei alle strutture produttive e artigianali del Belìce, the relationship between schools and museums, the entry of new technologies in museums, Some possible directions of the Network of Museums of the Belice Valley wants to go, insieme alle strutture istituzionali locali, provincial and regional, to provide a new resource rich and diverse, that involves transversely tourists, citizens associated with the history of these places and, in general, all those who still believe in the possibility of transforming the atavistic drama of these communities in a unique song of beauty.


di Giuseppe Salluzzo