There is awareness that the identity of each place or a small town of Belice, that museums are an expression, has the opportunity to consolidate only in an integrated system on a regional scale.
To tell a story, that is not only those of the individual places, but that of all the countries of the Valle del Belice, to reflect on the concept of belonging and community founded the museum network. The history of ancient arts, of its territory and landscape, its geological changes, the great masters of contemporary, It is already documented in some museums already highly structured and records and other newly formed. There is now a need, from chronic structural weaknesses, groped for the formation of a system of museums, including therein also the architectural and landscape of Belice. It stems from the awareness, that only through the creation of a network is to exceed the limits, for a significant enhancement of the rich and invaluable heritage of which we are witnesses. The idea is to work for a museum of the territory of Belice, that starting from the individual institutions, gives a continuous reading of history, dell’arte, material culture, architecture and landscape and that it may be aware, conservation and enhancement. They contribute to the network structures with different stories, Some museums are already well-structured and included in tourist itineraries, other in phase of definition because of recent formation.

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  • President : Giuseppe Salluzzo
  • Director: Maria Elena Cusenza
  • Treasurer: Giuseppe Bivona
  • Secretary: Giuseppe Cacioppo
  • Vice Presidente: Vito Zarzana
  • Adviser: Vincenzo Maria Corseri
  • Adviser: Vincent Fiammetta
  • Adviser: Giuseppe Maiorana