The nature of the Belice in spring assumes such a beauty, a palette of colors so rich of essences and fragrances that are difficult to erase from the memories. To characterize the particular landscape belicino nature reserves of Entella Cave and Cave of Santa Ninfa, that allow you to visit and learn about the geological features, vegetation and wildlife through a hike in the typical landscape inland chalky western Sicily that develops in Rocca di Entella and in the area between Santa Ninfa and Gibellina. Places where the valley of Belice you can grasp in its entirety until you reach the Nature Reserve of the Mouth of the River Belice and dunes bordering, where on the shore coastal dune flora draws from more natural features. Along this territory other places known more for the archaeological interest tied to the prehistoric period as the district Strait in Partanna and the Stone Castle in Castelvetrano allow you to see unspoilt nature preserved for centuries. Several forest areas between Castelvetrano, Salemi, Santa Ninfa and Sambuca di Sicilia and in particular the nature reserve of Mount Genuardo, They offer the opportunity to benefit and endorse large areas of reforestation equipped and increasingly naturalized. The highlights include the area of ​​the Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco near Sambuca di Sicilia in the municipality of Contessa Entellina. The stork nesting on the edge of Lake Arancio, Full visiting naturalistic territory sambucese. A Salemi, on the occasion of 150 anniversary, It founded the Museum of the landscape where it is exposed to images and quotes the national landscape.

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