The Route of the memory starts from the youngest among the museums of the network is Belice / EpiCentro Memorial Viva in Gibellina, which tells of the struggles of the people of this land from the march led by Danilo Dolci in 1967 then cross the disagreements popular post-earthquake reconstruction and. In Santa Margherita di Belice, in the new building which incorporates the ruins of the Mother Church, destroyed by earthquake 1968, It was home to the Museum of Memory, inside images of the earthquake, newspaper articles of the time and documents tell the earthquake of Belice. Two structures that let the visitor strong emotions, the hardships and vicissitudes of a people must regain possession of their identity and the beauty of that lost. The tour continues visiting the places of the earthquake and then the ancient center of Poggioreale, the ruins of the old Gibellina Salaparuta and on which Alberto Burri has realized his "Cretto" considered today one of the most important works of contemporary art in Europe.

ITINERARY OF MEMORYsimbolo-memoria-bianco

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