An archaeological tour in Belize can only start from the Archaeological Park of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa, one of the most important in the Mediterranean for the position, the perfect integration into the landscape, its breadth (It is one of the largest parks in the world and important), the grandeur of its temples. The archaeological itinerary in Belice is significant for all the ancient times: from prehistory to the Greek, Elima culture to the Middle Ages, it recognizable in the fortress of Entella and Pignatelli in the necropolis at Memphis. In the museum of prehistory of the Belice in Partanna, vessels of the style of the Bell, the remains of fauna and funerary objects from the necropolis of the archaeological area of ​​the Strait, tell the civilization of ditches. A Castelvetrano Civic Museum displays the famous Ephebe of Selinunte, bronze statue of exquisite workmanship (480- 460 a.C.), together with vessels, lamps and to a lead sheet (Lex sacra) inscritta one legge with the V sec. a. C. Even the antiquarium of Contessa Entellina and the Archaeological Museum Palazzo Panitteri, Sambuca di Sicilia, housing the finds from a territory covered by long processes of contact between people from different backgrounds and cultural Semitic. Segesta, from the top of Mount Barbaro, It is one of the natives of the most important of western Sicily, constituted by the Elimi by a people of peninsular origin. This city had a major role in the historical events that led to repeated struggles with Selinunte that definitely trying to win an outlet in the Tyrrhenian Sea. During the First Punic War, si alleò con i Romani. In 430-420 a.C. It was built the Temple of Doric-Siceliot, within the city walls. The itinerary does not end with the museums; sites still little studied of Castellazzo in Poggioreale and Monte Polizo Mokarta and Salemi, They have already revealed important finds of Elima. These are archaeological sites along the valley of Belice, facilmente visitabili durante i periodi di scavo con missioni affidate gruppi nazionali ed internazionali.

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