At the Museum of the Risorgimento Salemi documents the role of this area in the battles for the unification of Italy with clothes, weapons, and documents of the period Garibaldi, while the small museum of forestry mountain Finestrelle, in the territory of Gibellina, tell in its halls traditions Belìce through everyday objects and tools related to the farming culture, and also the outdoor spaces of the museum, located in a small rural building within the forest, you can see a wide panorama of this territory. A Santa Ninfa Museum of Emigration, through old photos and original materials, dell'esodi tells the people of Belize to the countries of the world in the first half of the century. XIX. In Santa Margherita di Belice they relive the pages and the stories of the Leopard through the manuscript of the famous book by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Museum of the Leopard), while the Ethno-Anthropological Museum of the Earth of Zabut Sambuca offers visitors an educational setting cycle transformation of wheat and milk.

ITINERARY ANTROPOLOGICOsimpolo-antropologico-bianco

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