Istituzione Giambecchina

Institution Giambecchina

The art gallery is located inside the seventeenth-century church of S. Calogero. Are works that the artist donated to his hometown sambucese. John was born in Sambuca in Becchina 1909 and he died in Palermo in 2001. Painter of undisputed fame, He gave expression to the archetypes of the rural life of his beloved Sicily. On display are many paintings that tell the evolution of pictorial and thematic of the author in the years between 1924 to the 1996. Chromaticism strong and "passionate" reflects the harshness and hardness of the faces of the farmers, protagonists of his works, in a whirlwind of emotions and suffering, that envelop the viewer in a motorcycle introspective soul.

Church S. Calogero, Corso Umberto I

92017 Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)

Tel 0925 940239 _ The 380 6823347

Opening time: lunedì/domenica

09:00/13:00 – 16:00/19:30

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