International Museum Day

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What is the national day of museums?

Known to the world as International Museum Day, is an event that is celebrated every year since 1977 and it is organized by ICOM, International Council of Museum. More than just an event is an important opportunity for exchange and sharing of museum, a day in which we dialogue between generations, culture, diversity, beyond the geographical boundaries and the financial liquidity of the different countries and institutions. What is the glue is really the museum, place of education and culture, within which it is establishing dialogue and cooperation.

Each year ICOM chooses a topical issue, the theme of 2015 he was “Museums for a sustainable society “, Musei per una società sostenibile. Several current and always have been the themes of past years, here is a list:

Themes of previous editions:

  • 2014 "Making connections with the collections" –
  • 2013 "Museums in a Changing World" –
  • 2012 "Museums in a Changing World. New Challenges, new inspirations "
  • 2011 "Museums and Memory"
  • 2010 “Museums for social harmony”
  • 2009 “Museums and Tourism”
  • 2008 “Museums as agents of social change and development”
  • 2007 “The museums and the universal heritage” – 2006 “Museums and young people
  • 2005 "Museums, bridges between cultures "
  • 2004 "Museums and Intangible Heritage"
  • 2003 "Museums and their friends"
  • 2002 "Museums and Globalisation"
  • 2001 "Museums : build communities "
  • 2000 "Museums for a way of peace and harmony in society"
  • 1999 "The joy of discovery"
  • 1997/1998 "Fighting against illicit trafficking of cultural property"
  • 1996 "Collecting today for tomorrow"
  • 1995 "Response and responsibility"
  • 1994 "Behind the scenes of the museums"
  • 1993 "Museums and Indigenous Peoples"
  • 1992 "Museums and Environment"