Chiesa di San Domenico, la “Cappella Sistina del sud”

Da qualche mese, a Castelvetrano, sono stati ultimati i lavori di restauro della chiesa monumentale di San Domenico, di proprietà del Ministero degli Interni fondo FEC, one of the highest expressions of Sicilian mannerism called the "Sistine of Sicily".

Commissioned in the second to the sixteenth century Don Carlo Aragon Tagliavia, the decoration of the chancel of the church of San Domenico - which houses in its apse mausoleum of the prince of the city - is the undisputed masterpiece of Ferraro by Giuliana. Its restoration is an indispensable opportunity to study artistic techniques characterizing this misunderstood shop "engravers Sicilian" stucco and an extraordinary opportunity for an in-depth research and a passionate Christian iconography and the communicative power of images.

L'building (built in 1470, at the behest of the accounts Tagliavia, Lords of Castelvetrano) inside houses a legacy decorative stucco - very high artistic value - Realized, between 1574 and the 1580, by Antonino Ferraro Giuliana, founder of an illustrious family of plasterers and painters settled and working for generations to Castelvetrano. The artist was called in Castelvetrano by Don Carlo Aragon Tagliavia "Magnus Sicuwus" that, probably, He had admired the work completed in the cathedral of Palermo in 1574.

Through stucco, paintings, Panes, cartouches and friezes, the Ferraro tends to fill all the space, with the obvious purpose to amaze, creating a project iconographic able to attract with originality and artistic finesse theological celebration messianic: in the presbytery, indeed, They depict the themes related to the promises, the prophecies and the foreshadowing of Christ. A decorative complex, one of the church of San Domenico, which culminates in the Tree of Jesse: a real "masterpiece in the masterpiece".

The restoration of Castelvetrano plastic decorations and paintings, I had the pleasure of directing, as Manager of the Operational Unit of Architectural and Urban Planning of the Superintendent of Trapani, It has been designed with the most advanced technology available and with the continued cooperation of the major scientific institutions that operate in the protection and promotion of the artistic and monumental Italian.

Arch. Gaspare White - The Director of Works

The event will present the Regional Minister for Cultural Heritage, the Bishop of Mazara del Vallo, makers of the Superintendent of Trapani, the national and regional members of the territory, and eminent historians and scholars who will report on the restoration and the works that are located inside the building

This is one of the few cases where you can really talk about historical event is returned to the city and to the world one of the finest examples of Sicilian mannerism, the church that has been called the Sistine Chapel of Sicily, and that will finally be enjoyed by so many of my fellow citizens who, because of the young age and the prolonged closure, They have never been able to enjoy such a wonder why I want to invite citizens to participate in large event on Friday to witness the love for this gem.

Lawyer. Happy Wanderer - Mayor of Castelvetrano

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