The Museum of civilization of Campobello Museum Network will be entered in Belicina

The Museum of civilization of Campobello di Mazara will be inserted in the Museum Network Belicina which includes 11 common, the archaeological parks of Selinunte and Cave of Cusa-Segesta, Foundation Orestiadi Gibellina, CAM, the cultural route "The Route of the Phoenicians", Legambiente and various cultural associations and local organizations. The proposal was put forward to the mayor Giuseppe Castiglione Monday (1 June), Baglio Florio-Cave di Cusa, during a meeting promoted by Legambiente Sicily as part of the campaign "Salvalarte Belice 2015". The panel discussion entitled "Save the museum of civilization" was coordinated by the architect. Giuseppe Salluzzo, President ....

The identity of the place, the thrill of the journey

A museum: preserve, It protects and enhances the objects linked to tradition and historical memory, cultural or social identity of a people. Single museum often can not quite get the desired results in terms of promoting both in number of appearances, almost always scarce. In Belice, since 2009, It plans to create a system capable of providing the territory offer rich and diverse museum. About this, They were organized several meetings, promoted by Legambiente Sicily, who favored the establishment of a working group involved in the enhancement of the Belice Valley museums, through the signing of ....

mostra custodi di bellezza fiore

Photo exhibition: Custodians of beauty

The Nature Reserve "Grotta di Santa Ninfa" exposes Castle Rampinzeri the photo exhibition "GUARDIAN OF BEAUTY" dedicated to the species of the Mediterranean flora, often little considered because widespread and common, which play a rather important and irreplaceable role for the conservation of natural environments, for the protection of biodiversity and to ensure the beauty of the Sicilian landscape..


Art and culture: call for the unused assets of Sicily

The "Call historical, artistic and cultural" the foundation "With the south", aimed at non-profit organizations, aims to promote social cohesion, local development and a sense of belonging, protecting and enhancing at the same time, unused estates of the Sicily Region selected by the Foundation. Proposals should be sent by 14 July. "The good returns to be shared": This is the subtitle of the call, It calls on all parties of the Sicilian territory to submit project proposals which involve, in addition to any redevelopment and protection of property, activities can restore them a central role in community life. Can participate..


The oil most envied in Italy

The olive tree is an ancient plant Nocellara of these lands has always represents and marks the traditions, history and economy. Nocellari olive trees shaded the breaks of nelleCave extraction workers of Cusa of the stone for the building of the town. Grosse macine di frantoio rinvenute nella zona archeologica di Selinunte, testimoniano la lavorazione delle olive già 500 anni prima di Cristo. Selinunte di queste macine ne faceva largo uso, and Nocellara oil was already traded with the whole Hellenic world, just to confirm the location of Selinus which oil Emporium antiques ....


Chiesa di San Domenico, la “Cappella Sistina del sud”

Da qualche mese, a Castelvetrano, sono stati ultimati i lavori di restauro della chiesa monumentale di San Domenico, di proprietà del Ministero degli Interni fondo FEC, una delle espressioni più alte del manierismo siciliano denominata la “Sistina di Sicilia”. Commissionato nel secondo Cinquecento da don Carlo Aragona Tagliavia, the decoration of the chancel of the church of San Domenico - which houses in its apse mausoleum of the prince of the city - is the undisputed masterpiece of Ferraro by Giuliana. Its restoration is an essential opportunity to study art techniques that characterize this unknown workshop of "chisellers siciliani" a unique and stucco..


Found today the head of the snake Gibellina

SCULPTURE statues were stolen LAST 11 June. AFTER TWO DAYS WAS found in 4 PIECES NEAR MARSALA. TONIGHT THE POLICE OF GIBELLINA HAVE FOUND THE LAST PIECE MISSING. The work of art by the artist Pier Giulio Montalto had been stolen in the night between Thursday and Friday, the Museum "en plein air" installed within the Palazzo di Lorenzo. This is the "snake" in bronze, wrapped around a marble base. The work of the Montalto was in the top floor of the Palazzo Di Lorenzo in the city Belicina, at the end of the exhibition of the famous architecture of Francesco Venezia. Two days ago the police ....