Art and culture: call for the unused assets of Sicily

The “Call historical, artistic and cultural” the foundation “With the south”, aimed at non-profit organizations, aims to promote social cohesion, local development and a sense of belonging, protecting and enhancing at the same time, unused estates of the Sicily Region selected by the Foundation. Le proposte vanno inviate by 14 July.

“Good to be back common“: This is the subtitle of the call, It calls on all parties of the Sicilian territory to submit project proposals which involve, in addition to any redevelopment and protection of property, activities can restore them a central role in community life.

The competition for the award of the maximum contribution of 500.000 euro, le partnership costituite da almeno tre soggetti (agencies and non-profit organization), di cui uno sia il soggetto responsabile.

Sia il soggetto responsabile che le altre organizzazioni devono appartenere al mondo del volontariato e/o del terzo settore e avere la forma di associazioni, social cooperatives or consortia, ecclesiastical institutions, foundations and social enterprises.

In all, 14 the unused goods selected the foundation in Puglia, Campania and Sicily. Island Foundation has identified five real estate that meet the sustainability criteria, accessibility and usability set for selection.

These buildings are located in the provinces of Catania, Agrigento Palermo. Specifically it is the Villa Manganelli Zafferana (CT), della Chiesa della Madonna della Raccomandata a Sciacca (AG), the Castle of Frederick II at Giuliana (PA), andpavilions 10 and 20 Cantieri cultural Zisa to Palermo.

The owner of the chosen grants the entity responsible for project proposal selected and funded by the foundation With the south availabilityof the property for a period of at least 10 years.

Entries should be long-term initiatives, from a minimum of 24 months, integrating restoration, events and cooperation aimed at a sustainable development of the territory and social cohesion.

They must be defined cultural activities, artistic and social, taking into account the context and the needs of building and planning and aiming to society through integration actions, occupazione e comunicazione. Per maggiori informazioni, è possibile consultare il competition notice.